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Vintage Postcards

Explore, Buy & Sell your Vintage Advertising, Photos & Maps

Explore Winton Bookshops wide range of vintage and nostalgic print material. Buy and sell your items at reasonable prices today.

There is Value in Vintage


At Winton Bookshop, we are interested in buying your vintage print and artwork, including advertising posters and magazines from yesteryear. 
If you have any antique art prints or rare posters from old advertising campaigns, Winton Bookshop will offer you an expert appraisal on the value of your vintage items and will offer you a fair price.

vintage poster

Vintage Advertising & Prints

We are looking for

  • Antique graphic design prints

  • Art deco print and artwork

  • Kitchen art

  • Pop art

  • Serial publications from the early 20th century

  • Surrealist posters and prints

  • Vintage magazines and newspapers

  • Yesteryear advertising posters and prints


We will give you an expert appraisal on your vintage advertising and prints with no-obligation

Vintage Photos & Maps

We are looking for 

  • Early 20th century postcards

  • Nostalgic photos of the early-mid 20th century

  • Vintage maps

vintage photo of two women at the notes
Series of old letters

Expert Valuations

Over 40 years in the business

For over 40 years, Winton Bookshop Ltd had bought and sold rare and collectable items in Bournemouth. A reputation which has been built on our expertise and knowledgeable appraisals of these unique and rare items.

Always ready to accept your unique items, we will offer you both fair and competitive prices. 

See if your vintage items are of value today and git in touch with us here at Winton Bookshop Ltd, Bournemouth. 

advertising and print
Photos and maps
expert valuation
Old World Map

Discover the value in your vintage items

Uncover the value of your vintage photos, posters and advertising at Winton Bookshop. Contact us today to discuss the value of your items

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