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Inside Winton Bookshop

Discovering Rare and Specialist Books in Bournemouth

Here at Winton Bookshop LTD we are always looking to buy your rare and specialist books. Get in touch today with your specialist items and we will provide a professional and expert valuation on your items.

Vintage children book collection

Knowledgeable Valuations of your Rare Books

Since opening our Bournemouth shop in 1981, we have been a leading specialist in book dealing.

With our knowledge and expertise in valuating books, you can trust Winton Bookshop LTD to provide you with a fair price for your collection. So, if you are cleaning out you attic, have a collection you no longer have use for, or even just come across an interesting title, bring it to us at Winton Bookshop for a no-obligation valuation. 

Military Collection

We purchase a variety of books including:

  • Antiquarian

  • Autographed Titles

  • Bound Library Sets

  • Children's and Illustrated Titles

  • Fiction or Non-Fiction

  • First Editions

  • Limited Edition Titles

  • Specialist Publications

Can't see your interesting item listed?

Don't worry, get in touch today and we can discuss the value!

A selection of 2 rare books

Expert valuations with no-obligation

Here at Winton Bookshop LTD, we will provide you with a free no-obligation valuations of your rare and specialist books. We offer competitive prices to ensure you leave satisfied and we leave with your rare book! 

Open Book


Contact us today  to discuss the value of your books with a professional expert who has over 40 years experience in making sure you get the right price for your books!

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